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English / Gaeilge

Song Samples

Singer: Batsheva Battu.
Sound recording, instruments and arrangements: Mike Chamann.

Demo 1: Liturgical (Extracts)

Caitlín Triall: Irish Traditional, Sean-Nós song from Donegal.
Gaude Virgo Salutata: Gregorian Chant; liturgical prose of Irish origin.
Douce Dame Jolie: 14th. century French love song.


Demo 2: “Children songs and fun ” (Extracts)

Arrane Ny Clean: Lullaby from the Isle of Man in English, with one line and the title in Manx Gaelic.
La petite hirondelle: French traditional children’s circle game.
Amadan gòrach gòrach: Scottish puirt-à-beul, in Scots Gàidhlig.
La laine des moutons: French traditional song.


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