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English / Gaeilge
Price List

Price for workshops and mini-concerts offered in Galway City/Connemara. More travel may incur travelling expenses. Email for a quote. For geographical/practical reasons, courses taking place over a number of weeks are currently unavailable outside Galway City/Connemara. For more information on each workshop, see Workshops’ page.

Some courses benefit from a “Pay as you go” system. Pay per lesson for those specific courses. This is particularly valuable if you know you might miss some classes and don’t want to pay for them unnecessarily. The courses that can be paid per lesson are marked with a *.

Galway city/Connemara only courses:

Learn French through song (school workshop, group fee paid by the school):
Initiation (5 Week course 1 and a half hour a week): 180 .
Intensive (10 Week course 1 and a half hour a week). 320.

Medieval singing (6 Week course, 2 hour session a week):
Adults: 140 €.
School and college students: 120 €. *

Traditional singing in English

(Half day, 10am-2pm, refreshments provided, lunch not provided): 45.

Songs from the North:
(20 minute concert followed by a 1 hour time for chat/questions) 100 .

Courses available throughout County Galway:

Medieval singing day 1:

(Day course, 10am-5pm. Tea/coffee provided, lunch not provided): Adults: 95 .
School and college students: 90 .

* Pay as you go system.


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