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Mission Statement

To develop Community Music and Community Art at county level through proposing music and art education initiatives to the varied communities present in and around Galway.

To make use of all social infrastructures (schools, universities, theatres, art studios, community halls, pubs, nursing homes, parish facilities, etc.) to facilitate music and arts meetings within the community, in the hope of developing a sense of community spirit in our towns and villages.

To facilitate a better liaising of County Galway based artists so they can develop interdisciplinary projects with music as well as with dance, fine arts, creative writing, acting, storytelling, traditional crafts, photography, creative media etc.

To explore what the universal elements are, in the conception/creation of art and music. To show respect and appreciation of local traditions and artistic styles while reflecting on the place of the local within a wider Irish/European context.

To ensure the cultures and languages used as educational media are treated with respect, particularly when it comes to Irish language in education, through maintaining a correct linguistic standard at workshops taught in that language.

In the same way, to ensure that the artistic standard of CEIRD’s activities is upheld at all times, particularly when it comes to Irish language workshops. Being an Irish speaker should not be enough of a teaching qualification for such workshops, and vacancies will be granted to Irish speaking artists who have in-depth knowledge of their craft.

To use education and workshops as methods of transmission of our artistic crafts and heritage, so that in turn, these are passed on to the next generation.

To endeavour to build bridges outside of Galway through facilitating artistic exchanges with communities nationally.

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